Dental Hygienists

Mylène Dufour, Tina Boutot-Robichaud and Monika Mercure are our dental hygienists. Very devoted to their work, they will help you maintain excellent oral hygiene by providing good tips that will help you to continue the maintenance of your teeth at home. You will avoid many future problems. Their expertise allows them to suggest appropriate treatments to preserve the health of your teeth as long as possible.

Dental Assistants and Coordinator

Our dental assistants are Sonia Dugas-Violette, Sandy Hébert and Norma Roy is our coordinator. They will see to your comfort in the treatment rooms and respond to your expectations in terms of information on dentistry.

The asepsis sterilization department requires special attention to which our assistants are extremely vigilant. Their years of experience mean that you will feel confident in their presence. They are trained to use equipment that is on the cutting edge of technology.


Our secretariat, with administrative assistants Danika Brideau, Caroline Poirier, Michelle Cyr and France Couturier welcome you and answer your questions regarding administrative matters. They are responsible for managing appointments, billing and responding to phone calls. They make a point of offering you a friendly and confidential service.

As the first contact of our office with the patient, be it by phone or in person, they aim to create a relationship of trust from the start.