When the root and the crown of the tooth are badly damaged and cannot be saved, the tooth must be replaced with an implant, bridge or removable fixture to prevent teeth from moving.

The implant is the best solution to replace a space between the teeth. The implant placement is a safe and reliable technique.

To receive this treatment, the patient must have sufficient bone volume and not suffer from a serious illness. A healthy mouth is essential: cavities and gum problems must be treated before.

Why choose dental Implants?

  • To prevent bone loss
  • To prevent other teeth from being displaced
  • To offer a less aggressive treatment: prevents grinding of healthy teeth
  • To offer the only treatment that replaces the root of the tooth
  • To improve the quality of life
  • To provide a long-term solution


First appointment

Dr. Eric Aucoin and his team will meet you to make a full assessment of your mouth. A 3D X-Ray must be taken to determine the quality and density of the bone where the implants will be placed. A medical questionnaire will be given to you to assess your overall health.

Second appointment

This meeting will be used to complete your treatment plan aiming for a solution that best fits your situation.

Third appointment

The day of surgery will consist in inserting one or more implants under local aesthesia.

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With NobelGuide™ technology, Dr. Aucoin knows in advance the exact position and depth of your dental implants, which will significantly reduce the duration of your intervention as well as the pain afterwards.