You lack the top or bottom teeth?


Even if you have lost all your teeth, you do not have to settle for dentures. Even in this situation, Dr. Aucoin can provide a solution with dental implants, a fixed or removable reconstruction of the upper (top) or lower (bottom) jaw.

Many denture wearers complain about the poor performance of their prosthesis and painful pressure in several places. Adhesives do not solve these problems permanently and successfully. Implants can help relieve these cases, depending on the circumstances and desires. Comfort can be greatly improved by the number of implants.

The loss of all lower teeth (bottom dentures) is one of the most obvious cases where the implants can contribute to a significant improvement in comfort and chewing ability, because the lower denture cannot stay put using suction from an upper denture (upper dentures). The best treatment option is the fixed prosthesis on implants. This option is one that offers the best aesthetic and functional result in the rehabilitation of complete edentation, thus allowing the rediscovery of one’s well-being and self-esteem.

The bone level of each patient is different. When you lose several teeth, the bone around them is absorbed quickly. A 3D X-ray should be taken to determine the quality and density of the bone where the implants will be positioned.

Please Note

When multiple teeth are lost, the jawbone is resorbed, gradually causing the following problems:

  • Loss of chewing efficiency that could interfere with absorption of nutrients necessary for maintaining good health.
  • Extra stress on the remaining teeth, which requires additional work that may cause movement of and possibly eventual loss of adjacent teeth.
  • Premature aging of the face, accentuation of wrinkles around the lips and loss of stability of the prostheses.

By replacing lost teeth with implants, these problems will be avoided or stabilized since implants act like natural teeth.