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For those of us spending days on end in a dental clinic, we have a tendency to take for granted that patients are as eager to be among us as they would be, relaxing on the beach.

Very distorted thinking you might say?  Well alright, we admit viewing the world through pink glasses at times but when was the last time you were givin a free tooth brush at the beach!!!

Be it as it may, here are a few suggestions likely to ease your apprehension and contribute to a more relaxed visit.

6 proven ways to relaxe at Dr Aucoin's clinic

Photo : Florian Van Roekel

  1. Do not extend your waiting time:

    In order to bypass excessive waiting time, please report to the front desk.  Our administrative assistants; France, Michelle, Caroline and Cathy are very friendly and in no way do they constitue a threat to your well being.

  2. I Phone:

    Take a seat in our waiting room and use your iphone to register on Foursquare, share your apprehension on Twitter or be part of a group therapy on Facebook.  At the end of your treatments, make sure to publish a photo of your teeth.  We are very confident that your virtual friends will be impressed!

  3. Reading :

    Bring one of your favorite book with you.  Some of our staff are profilic readers and they would enjoy trading reading suggestions with you.  Better yet, share your favorite poetry!

  4. Music :

    We certainly share your feeling toward the annoying high pitched sound of our instrumentations!  Rest assure that if it could be brought to a whisper, Dr Aucoin would have seen to it.  May we suggest that you load up your MP3 with your favorite music.  If your up to a challenge, consider the following: select music that would blend the drill's Fa minor note.

  5. Radio and television:

    Our facilities are well equipped with radios and televisions.  In the event that we forget to turn them on, please do not hesitate to ask for the remote control.  Select a program that is likely to have you laugh uncontrollably.

  6. Comfortable clothing:

    Wear comfortable, soft, fleecy clothing.  Your friends will think that you are just out of a yoga session!

P.S. No need for tanning lotion!  Our dental lamps are skin friendly, yet for those with sensitive eyes, we do have sunglasses.

In a nutshell, be creative and time will go by fast.  Bear in mind that once out of our office, you will have peace of mind in knowing that you were on the receiving end of the best dentistry possible.  ith proper care, your teeth are precious asset meant to last a lifetime!

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