Before the Treatment


Advice prior to oral surgery

These tips will help prevent complications during and after a surgical procedure. Please read and follow them well for your own well-being. Patients who have been well prepared have fewer risks of complications.


You will be asked to follow a soft diet for a few days after surgery. Get a blender if you can. You can also buy pureed foods, pasta, fish, flakes of ham ... Dairy products encourage better healing.


No sports or swimming for a period of four days after surgery. Verify your sport schedule to avoid any inconvenience.

Oral hygiene

To reduce the risk of postoperative infection, it is important to brush your teeth and floss just prior to your appointment.


It is common knowledge that smoking greatly increases the risk of infection and delays healing. It is strongly recommended to stop smoking or cut down as best as you can a few weeks before surgery to counter the adverse effects on healing.


If you are on medication, call me to find out if you should continue taking it. Do not take alcohol, other drugs or non-prescribed medication the day of your appointment without having first consulted your dentist. It is best to avoid aspirin and its derivatives ten days before surgery, unless aspirin is being prescribed by your doctor. In the latter case, do not stop.