Treatment Procedure


Treatment steps for the installation of dental implants

Step 1

Consultation with the dentist is required. The objectives and definitive treatment plan as well as fees must be determined before starting treatment. Sometimes a site preparation or ridge such as a bone graft to increase the size of the gum is required a few months before placing a dental implant. This possibility will be assessed in consultation with Dr. Aucoin.

Step 2

We place all required dental implants in one sitting. The final abutments, (small metal posts) or healing abutments are often placed at this stage. If so, no further intervention is required. Otherwise, the abutments will be placed three or four months later. It is a very simple procedure.

Step 3

For proper healing, we must allow the implants to bond with the bone. A period of three or four months is necessary before making the crown or prosthesis.

Step 4

The impression, manufacture and installation of the final prosthesis by your restorative dentist.

Bone Graft (if required)

A bone graft is sometimes required before the dental implants can be installed. If so, the transplant consists in taking your natural bone from the lower jaw (a minor transplantation) and transplanting it to the implant site. There are many more advantages to using natural bone (an autogenous graft) than an artificial product.

The success rate of this procedure is very high (90%) among non-smokers, but no guarantee of results can be given. For smokers, the success rate is reduced and total cessation of smoking three months before surgery is necessary to improve the success of the transplant. You can resume smoking after the implants have been placed and healed, but be advised that the life expectancy of implants will be reduced. When there is failure, the graft may be partially or totally lost. However, there are usually no other after-effects. The shape of the gum returns as before. We can begin the graft again or consider another treatment option. Although very rare, the risk of infection exists even when taking prescribed medication. The graft must be allowed to heal for four to six months before placing dental implants. After that, the bone graft begins to resorb slowly. It is very important to respect healing timelines and the sequence of treatments.