Lately, you most likely have heard about apnea and snoring related problems. Indeed; 95% of people suffering from apnea are also snorers.  However, at the other end of the spectrum, only 6% of snorers suffer from apnea.

The major difference between sleep apnea and sboring lies in the severity of sleep problems.  Sleep apnea is a severe respiratory condition characterized by an interruption of brathing while sleeping and very often accompanied with snoring.  This phenomenon bras consequences upon physical and mental health.

Snoring is the result of sound produced by the vibration of the throat's soft tissues as a response to the narrowing of the air passage while breathing.  This could lead to phycical as well as mental problems.

Some of the consequences pertaining to a sleeping problem are listed below:
- Tiredness upon waking up
- Lack of energy during the day
- Irritability
- Drowsiness
- Disturbing your partner's sleep
- Decreased work efficiency
- Hypertension
- Diabetes
- Cardiovascular problems
- Depression
- Driving accident
- Sexual problems

There are presently several test that could be conducted to determine wether you are drowsy during daytime; if your sleep has been disturbed or to evaluate your risk of suffering from sleep apnea. You could ask your dentist as well as your medical doctor to undergo the Epworth drowsiness scale test or the Berlin questionnaire.  Both of these questionnaires along with several measurements of your neck circumference as well as your body mass index (BMI) could sheld light for both, you and your health professional, on your apneic tendency.  In the event of a positive outcome, the diagnosis will have to be confirm by means of more precise tests conducted by a specialist such as pneumologist.

Once it has been etablished that you have a snoring problem or a slight sleep apnea; your dentist has the option of designing an apparatus to move your lower jaw forward.  This forward jaw displacement frees the breathing airways.  Such a treatment could eliminate snoring in 95% of cases as well as prevent problems described above.  In more severe cases your doctor may prescribe the use of CPAP machine.  On the other hand, apparatus to move your jaw forward is an interesting option to take on a trip.

For further information, have a talk with your dentist.


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